SaaS Benchmarks Tool For Founders

Our SaaS benchmarking index tracks the 20+ most critical growth and profitability metrics from 5,000+ SaaS startups to help SaaS founders gain clarity on what things to focus on this year to grow 10x faster (aka copy what the top 10% of your SaaS competitors are doing right).

See how your SaaS startup compares to your competitors

Input your data to see how you compare to your peers in ARR Growth YoY, Net Margin, Net MRR Retention, ARR per Employee, R40., and more
Total revenue (including expansion revenue) minus revenue churn (contract expirations, cancellations, or downgrades) from same customer cohort 12 months ago in %
Net Income divided by revenue in %
Number of months your company can survive without running out of money
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You'll Get Clear Action Recommendations To Help You Scale Faster & More Profitably

Gain clarity what things to focus on to grow your SaaS startup 3x faster this year


Our startup benchmarking report will highlight whether your SaaS startup needs to improve the offer design, messaging, or value proposition, or ICP.


The personalized report will tell you if you would need to focus on becoming better at lead generation, lead to sales conversion, upselling/cross-selling, or customer retention to get from where you are to one of the top 10% comparable SaaS startups in your niche.


We will also highlight issues with gross margins, customer acquisition efficiency, or organizational efficiency, so you know what areas require your immediate attention.