From Zero To SaaS Unicorn

On your way to build a billion dollar SaaS startup you will encounter challenges every day. We'll help you overcome the most critical ones like startup fundraising and hyper-growth GTM strategy.

Core Values That Drive Us

We are not consultants, but fully committed hands-on entrepreneurs helping your SaaS startup succeed.

10x ROI

When we work with you we make sure that you will absolutely love the work result and get at least a 10x return on the money spent on us.

100% Result Oriented

We focus on the actions and deliverables that actually increase the chances of success for your company. We never work on minor things, but focus on solving the most critical growth challenges of your SaaS company.

Be The Entrepreneur

We put ourselves in your shoes and ask ourselves "What would I do as CEO" to make sure that every deliverable will benefit your company and we are fully incentive-aligned.

Our Mission

“We help 1,000 disruptive SaaS startups raise $5 billion and grow to $10 billion in sales by 2030, because we believe automating mundane tasks with software and AI will enable people to unleash their creativity and potential."


Meet Our Partners

Founder & CEO

Martin Lunendonk

12 years experience in corporate finance, venture capital, due diligence, and tech startups. He founded 4x startups and scaled them to millions in users and customers. At SaaS Studio Martin leads projects on startup fundraising, due diligence, business model audit, and venture building.

Consulting Partner

Anastasia Belyh

11 years experience in management consulting (e.g. Oliver Wyman) and leadership roles in startups. Co-founded 3x tech startups. At SaaS Studio Anastasia leads projects on financial modelling, startup scouting, and go-to-market strategies.

Rapid Growth Needs Capital And GTM Strategy

No matter whether you are raising $500k or $30m for your SaaS startup; we help you attract the right investors faster.

Startup Pitch Deck

End-to-end assistance to build a winning pitch, from comprehensive business analysis to storyline and design.

Startup Financial Model

We build an error-free startup financial model that clearly communicates your business model, investment story, financials, and KPIs to investors.

Investor Outreach & Intros

End-to-end assistance for finding ready-to-invest top-tier VCs, reaching out to them, and booking live pitch opportunities fast.

Our network of top-tier VCs is looking to invest $1bn in SaaS & AI startups in 2024.

Our goal: Help you confidently grow 2-3x faster in a very capital efficient way to 10x your startup valuation.

Ideal Customer Profile

Having a clear ICP will help you run more effective marketing campaigns (read: lower CAC), build a better SaaS product including better team utilization and feature prioritization (read: higher LTV), and achieve a higher sales efficiency (read: higher lead to sales ratio).

Irresistable Offer

An irresistable offer solves the most painful jobs-to-be-done for an ICP 10x better than alternative solutions.

Only with an irresistable offer your CLV to CAC ratio will result in a commercially viable business model.

Lead Generation Mastery

Using creative, viral, and under-utilized lead generation and lead nurturing strategies will help you attract a consistent inflow of leads (read: ICPs interested in your irresistable offer).

Sales Funnel Mastery

Next, it's time to convert your leads into sales, upsell them to higher pricing tiers, and retain those customers longer using automated funnel systems.

In the end, this results in higher lead to sales conversions and higher LTV.

SaaS Pricing Mastery

A well-planned pricing model needs to take into account multiple factors including your cost to provide the service, competitor pricing models, ICP, and value to price ratio.

Goal Setting & Prioritization

We believe that only the most capital-efficient SaaS companies will survive. Hence, SaaS founders need to make sure to work on the right goals and initiatives promising the highest return on invested capital.

We help set those goals, align the team, and keep everyone accountable.

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