Startup Fundraising Mastery Podcast

Leading SaaS & AI startup founders and top-tier VCs share their best tips and strategies for raising millions in venture capital.
20x Higher Success Rate + 5 Months Faster Capital Raise
Martin Lunendonk
CEO SaaS Studio & Podcast Host

We Cover Every Critical Aspect of SaaS Startup Fundraising

How to make your SaaS startup investment-ready?

If your startup is not investment-ready, then your chances of raising VC money are basically zero. We will talk about business model validation, startup traction, relevant startup KPIs, and more.

How to create a compelling pitch deck and financial model?

You need to present your investment story to VCs by using a pitch deck and startup financial model that makes investors feel confident in you being potentially a highly profitable investment. We talk about best practices and review pitch decks as well as financial models.

How to reach out to investors that gets results?

We explore the best ways to reach out to investors, how investors evaluate your startup investment opportunity, and the biggest mistakes you need to avoid.

How to determine your startup valuation and master negotiations?

We will talk about ways to determine at what valuation you will be able to raise funds, how much equity VCs typically expect, and how to negotiate for better deal terms.

How to read a term sheet and manage the startup due diligence?

Learn everything about term sheets and how to prepare and manage the startup due diligence.

How to master investor reporting to secure follow-up financing?

We discuss best practices on how to report your financials and key metrics to investors after you've raised funds, so your investors feel confident to put money in your startup in the next investment round.

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